Jackie is experienced, knowledgeable, certified instructor, tailoring my sessions to my individual goals and needs. She listens carefully and never forgets. She respects my feelings and limitations and applauds my successes and progress. Jackie has helped me to work on flexibility, muscle strength and most importantly my CORE. Although I have always been active, I have disguised my injuries and problem spots. My core is weak from years of neglect. Jackie has come to my rescue! Recognizing my longtime problems and creating a program of very specific exercise for me to address my personal weaknesses. Using the Pilates Reformer, Jackie adapts and modifies all exercise to fit my body size and level of ability on that particular day! I have increased the strength, tone and flexibility of my neck, hips and back. My posture is much better and my overall mind/body awareness has improved. A long way to go – but now I have the inspiration to continue to try!