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Can I bring a guest to the Center?

The guest fee is $15 for the day. The same guest may not utilize the Center more than once a month and more than three times a year. Guests must be 18 years or older.*

Underage Guests: Members who would like to bring their child (between the ages of 14 and 17) as a guest are permitted when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

*Guests must provide a valid state-issued photo ID, sign a guest waiver, and have their photo taken upon coming to the center.

Can my children use the facilities?

Children 14 years and older may become a full member of the Center. All 14- and 15-year-olds must have one of their parents, who is a member, accompany them to the Center and remain on-site. Children 16 and 17 may enroll with a parent’s signature. They are permitted to use the facilities on their own.

My child is not 14 years old but likes to exercise. what can they do?

You may register your child in one of our Swim programs. These programs are available for children 2-13 years. Always check at the Reception Desk for new children’s programs being offered.

Do I get my own locker?

Lockers are provided for daily use by all members while in the facility. You may bring your own lock or purchase one at the Center. If you leave a lock on overnight, it will be removed. All items inside will be placed in lost and found located at the Reception Desk. The Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave your valuables at home. Certain lockers are available to be rented on a monthly basis, for more information inquire at the Reception Desk.

How can I schedule a tour?

Please see our Schedule Your Tour page for more information.

Is there any limit on membership usage?

No. You can utilize the Center seven days a week during our operating hours!

Is a personal trainer/exercise physiologist available during all operating hours?

Yes, a certified personal trainer/exercise physiologist is available for an appointment during all operating hours.

I would like to add a family member to my account. Is this possible?

Absolutely! You can add your spouse and/or children (between the ages of 14–21 years). We encourage you to do that!

Does my insurance cover my membership?

The Center does not directly work with insurance companies. However, we will provide proof of usage for you to submit for reimbursement.


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