Michelle Pawelczak

“I have been an active person my entire life. At 37 years old, I suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), better known as a mini stroke. I never thought I would have to deal with something like that, especially at a young age. My doctors diagnosed very high cholesterol as one of the main causes for the TIA. Immediately, I was put on cholesterol medication. I did not want to rely on medicine for the rest of my life. My weight was a big contributor to the issue, so I had to take care of that right away. You might think an extra 40 pounds is not significant. However, beyond esthetics and vanity, my biggest fear was lifelong medication requirements and the potential risk of another TIA. I alternated cardio and strength training classes. It took one year of simple life changes, and lots of discipline, to lose the weight. Then, I was able to stop taking the medication. I controlled my cholesterol– thanks to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the support of my family at home and my family at the Center. My trainer and fitness instructors all own a piece of my success. I want others to know it is possible. You just need the motivation and support to make it happen.”

-Michelle Pawelczak

Congratulations Michelle Pawelczak!




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