Samantha KnueppelCongratulations to Samantha Knueppel, RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center’s Personal Trainer of the Month for April 2015!


Personal Trainer Samantha advises, “If you’re not enjoying your workout, then it’s not the right one for you.” Her goal is to help members maximize their workout by making it fun and applicable to their needs. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in health promotion/fitness management and a Bachelor of Science in business management from Rowan University; she earned her personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, as well as her certification in Hardstyle Kettlebell instruction and the Functional Movement Screen.

Samantha offers everything from sport-specific training for the Center’s athletes to start-up programs for those new to the fitness scene. She strives to make each session a fun learning experience that propels her clients toward fitness goals.

She loves sunny days, whether spent on the beach, walking her pooch, visiting with friends and family, or traveling. She enjoys accomplishing a good workout andcheering on the New York Giants.

Throughout high school, Samantha played lacrosse and field hockey. Today, she is thrilled to coach seventh and eighth grade lacrosse teams for her hometown.

Samantha believes fun is critical to achieving fitness aspirations and committing to a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to deliver a workout that gets you sweating and smiling, no matter what your goals.



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