I have been working out with Mirek for about four months. I’m meeting my fitness goals and could not be any happier! I have worked out with other trainers and been a member of other gyms, but the Center is home. Mirek provides the right mix of insight on fitness, nutrition, and health. Living with multiple sclerosis for over 15 years, I came to Mirek with specific goals: strengthen my core, lose weight, and improve gait. In a few short months, I have seen improvement in all these areas. I lost over 30 pounds, and can feel my body getting stronger every day. Mirek works with me on the mental part of this journey as much as the physical. I no longer worry about the scale. Now, I concentrate on cleaner eating, proper workouts, and clothes fitting better. Mirek always motivates me to come back for more. He is an excellent trainer, and has become an even better friend!